everyone should love to smile.


“Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done making my smile pretty. You and all of your staff have always been so kind. I am really grateful for braces.”

Grace Hiltz

“My daughter, Cortnie Tavner, was voted “BEST SMILE”in her Senior class”

Shirley Tavner

“Thank you Dr. Romick for giving me a smile I can be proud of!”

Nicole Brunner

“Thanks for the awesome work you did on Grace’s smile. You have all been so caring and professional!”

Amy Hiltz

“Dr Romick and his staff made this experience so easy. They were always friendly and smiling and called us by name from the very beginning. They explained everything in a caring and patient manner and left us with no doubt that they would take good care of our daughter. It has been over 2 years since then and not only does my daughter have a beautiful smile , we have begun the process all over with daughter number two. He and his staff genuinely care about their patients’ comfort and are experts at making this otherwise unpleasant experience enjoyable.”

Rachelle Henry

“I was apprehensive with the thought of wearing braces as an adult. To my surprise and satisfaction, the Invisalign treatment plan was easy to wear and unnoticeable. I was able to continue my daily routine of caring for patients, running errands, and talking to clients while wearing my splint. I can honestly say that becuse of your expertise, knowledgeable staff, and the remarkable Invisalign product, I have a dazzling smile.”

Jennifer Crocker

“Hello, my name is Ramona Fisch, I’m 52, yes you read that right; it really is never too late for braces. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Romick and his staff. He showed me what needed to be done and how he could help me achieve the smile I always wanted. The treatment was without pain and the office most pleasant. He has wonderful music memorabilia and the office staff is always laughing. I actually looked forward to my visits! My braces came off December 15th and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present. I would highly recommend Dr. Romick, he is not only professional but personable.”

Ramona Fisch

“Ashley and I would like to thank you so much for her orthodontic care that you provided. Ashley’s smile is perfect! I am very pleased with the end results. Thanks to you and your staff for accommodating us with appointments that fit our busy schedule. I would highly recommend your office to anyone. The care and professionalism was quite impressive. You and your staff made us feel very much at ease. Thanks again!”

Nina Barlow