Early Treatment
Adult Treatment
Types of Braces
Before and After
Dr. Romick will discuss with you what types of braces are appropriate for your treatment, based on treatment mechanics and appearance. Whether you choose ceramic or metal braces, our office is determined to make your treatment as efficient and effective as possible. Utilizing an intra-oral scanner to produce a digital model of your teeth, and cutting edge robots to custom manufacture archwires specifically designed for your treatment, Sure Smile technology offers the most direct route to a straighter smile. With a 40% reduction in treatment time compared with traditional treatment, our office can get you smiling in almost half the time!

Invisalign (clear removable aligners) or spring aligners (removable ‘retainers’) may be the solution for patients, for whom minor tooth movement is indicated. Contact our office for a new patient exam to see what type of treatment is best for you.

Once treatment is completed a patient is given retainers to maintain the treatment results. Orthodontic treatment can provide benefits that last a lifetime, so make sure you realize those benefits by wearing your retainers as prescribed.