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Because increasing numbers of adults are seeking orthodontic treatment, our office has determined to stay abreast of the latest technology to eliminate the obstacles that keep many adults from following through with their desire to have straighter, more attractive teeth… obstacles such as “bulky,” metal braces, extended treatment time, and the typical discomfort associated with wearing braces. With the use of innovations such as Invisalign, tooth-colored and translucent brackets, self-ligating (low friction) brackets, and Sure Smile technology, we have eliminated most of these obstacles. Invisalign is a nearly invisible alternative to braces, and is appropriate for many patients, but when braces are still necessary, Sure Smile reduces treatment time by 40% compared with traditional treatment. Our adult Sure Smile patients enjoy the benefits of customized efficient treatment.

Sometimes upper and lower teeth don’t fit properly together because the jaw bones themselves do not ‘line up’ correctly. To correct such jaw alignment problems in adults, orthognathic surgery could be indicated. Such a treatment approach involves collaboration between your orthodontist and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and requires meticulous treatment planning to achieve the desired results, which produce some of our happiest patients due to the dramatic improvements we are able to achieve.

Crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw can contribute to a variety of dental and jaw problems, and correction at virtually any age can have significant benefits. So, it’s never too late to get healthy, and that includes your smile. Check out our testimonial page to hear for yourself!